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Demons in the Details
Heavy Weight
Kid Death & Spooks
Dion's Burgers
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Peter and the Wolf is originally a musical composition written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936.

The accompanying designs are the re-imagination of that story.  Peter's design is inspired by the violin, which symbolizes him in Prokofiev's original score.  Grandfather has been redesigned to reflect an older and wiser mentor figure, inspired by own grandfather who first introduced me to the story of Peter & The Wolf.

Character Line-up
Pyotr Expression Sheet
Character Line-up
Borya Expression Sheet
Building Design
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Letters of the Alphabet re-imagined.  A fun poster design inspired by the heroes of Marvel comics.  Can you name them all?

Superhero Alphabet Print
The Letter 'W'
H through N
Concept Art
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As an artist there are few moments better than drawing from life, but not many. Here you will find some of those moments captured with graphite or charcoal or pen & ink.

Enjoy these snapshots of life through drawings.

Portrait Study. 3hrs
Portrait Study, 3hrs
Portrait Study, 3hrs
Portrait Study, 3hrs
Portrait Study, 10'
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