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As a kid Jordan grew up coloring outside the lines and eating too much sugar induced cereal while enjoying Saturday morning cartoons before running amok outside.


Fast forward to the present. Jordan focuses on visual storytelling through character design. Between fatherhood and Higher Education shenanigans Jordan still finds time to sketch daily with graphite or pen & ink. While Jordan enjoys creating original characters for cartoons and comics, he is also an avid painter and wood block printer.​


Currently, he is an Associate Professor at a local Bay Area community college in the Arts and Graphic Design departments. Prior to teaching full-time, Jordan was a freelance Visual Development Artist working in mobile gaming and entertainment production.


A self-described continuous learner, Jordan believes everyone has a story worth telling. Using the visual arts and dynamic illustrations as his tools he shares those wondrous stories for others to experience. Jordan looks forward to new ideas, new collaborations, and most of all creative & collaborative adventures.

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