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Thin Stripes


Husband, Father, Storyteller, and Art Professor fueled by perpetual imagination.

My name is Jordan C. Fong. Born and raised in the Bay Area, I grew up coloring outside the lines and eating too much sugar induced cereal while enjoying Saturday morning cartoons before running amok outside. I earned a BA in Art Studio from the University of California, Santa Barbara, then continued my artistic journey to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco earning an MFA in Visual Development.


A self-described continuous learner, I believe everyone has a story worth telling. Using the visual arts and dynamic illustrations as my tools I share those wondrous stories for others to experience. To this day I continue to focus on visual storytelling through character design. I always look forward to new ideas, new collaborations, and most of all creative & collaborative adventures.


Currently, I'm an Associate Professor at a local Bay Area community college in the Fine Arts and Graphic Design departments. Prior to teaching full-time, I was a freelance Visual Development Artist working in mobile gaming and entertainment production. Between fatherhood and Higher Education shenanigans I still find time to sketch daily, paint skateboard decks, experiment with wood block printing, or surf when the waves are just right.​


Explore, create, and inspire!

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