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Thin Stripes

Aloha & Welcome!


Drawing more than just bananas, Monkey Boy Illustrations is a place to house my visual storytelling that is both personal and industry work as a Visual Development Artist and Character Designer. I explore the familiar and the unknown to create artwork that has the ability to inspire. That is my philosophy behind Monkey Boy Illustrations - explore, create, and inspire.

By stepping out of my comfort zone it allows opportunities to explore. I become a better artist. A better person. A better visual storyteller.


Concepts for my original stories and characters are derived from life experiences with the acknowledgement and understanding of the uncertainty that life brings. Being able to create these visually stunning, dynamic, and diverse stories is a passion of mine. I’m grateful to share them.

Visual storytelling has empowered me to build community, make connections, and above all learn from others and have empathy. Everyone has a story that is worthy of being told, shared, and listened to. Through my illustrations I hope to inspire others to share their experiences and to create their own stories.

Mahalo nui loa for visiting!

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Are you interested in opportunities to explore, create, and inspire together? Shoot me a brief email about your idea.

Let’s connect and talk story.

Mahalo Nui!

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