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New Year, New Art, Same Creativity

Welcome to a fresh start to another year. I'm mindful the actions of my past will always effect the paths of my future, and my future will be decided on what I do in the present. Here's to embracing the past, being proactive in the present, and having foresight for a better future.

Be Like Tiger, 2022, 8"x8", digital print

This is my art piece for the upcoming exhibition Fauna: The Power & Symbolism of Animals that will be presented by Illustrative Voices. The Opening Reception and Meet the Artists will be on Friday, February 11 from 18:00-20:00 at Spoil Me Spa & Gallery in Mountain View, CA.

Be Like Tiger takes inspiration from my Chinese heritage, and coincides with 2022's Chinese Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger. The print uses complimentary blue and orange hues, and reinforces the theme of balance. The circular patterns are meant to represent water and movement. The two tigers are in a circular composition, seemingly in perpetual motion of chasing one another. Their pose is similar to Yin & Yang, a concept in Chinese culture that represents opposing forces forever intertwined with each other to maintain balance. In Chinese culture, the tiger can often represent dignity and ferocity. The tigers themselves serve as a symbol of courage and fortitude, especially in the presence of adversity, and as a symbol of protection.

The title of my piece is also a play on one of Bruce Lee's mantras, "Be like water." Lee's phrase is a reminder that, while physical strength can be seen as power, true power comes from the ability to be fluid and adapt, to be like water by moving with the current yet knowing the right opportunity to change direction.

Balance. Mindfulness. Strength. These elements are at the core of Be Like Tiger.


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